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animoji takes communication to a whole new level. These are 3D animated emojis that can be customized with your facial muscles. Animojis were designed to add more expressiveness to your conversations

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Animoji - the next level of emoji

Animoji Download

Animoji Download is one of the mind-blowing invention done by the Apple Company in the recent history. This was first introduced with the legendary iPhone X which is also known to be the best iPhone ever built. iPhone X and iOS 11 is a key requirement for Animoji Download. Emojis have become alive with this technology. Since now every new iPhone will have this stunning Animoji Download feature and this technology is developing rapidly day by day.

What is Animoji?

Animoji is simply the next generation of emojis. It brings emojis to life. Its developers introduce it as “Animated Emojis”. That means the usual emojis have been 3D animated in a customizable way. Users control these animojis with their facial muscles. This is a next level piece of technology that made a revolution in messaging. These animojis are created to show more expressiveness. And they express any of its user’s facial expressions in an amazing way.

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You have a dozen of cool animojis to be more expressive in your message communications. The reason why apple developers introduced Animoji Download was to provide a platform to customize emojis according to its user’s requirement. That means before this technology we only had a limited number of pre-designed emoji faces to communicate with each other. We could not express our exact feeling in conversations. But now we have the perfect solution to express ourselves in any of the text conversation like never before.

Introduction for Animoji

animoji download

Animoji Download for iPhone X

The all-new iPhone X is packed with a lot of innovative technologies to make its user’s life easy. But iPhone fans did not expect to have such a refreshing feature like iPhone X Animoji download. On the other hand, Animoji Download was a mind-blowing news for every mobile user in the world. Animoji technology is like a unique identity to the all-new iPhone X. Because free animoji was first introduced through this new iPhone. Also, this animated emojis definitely increased the value and the popularity of iPhones and its outstanding technologies. On the other hand, the all-new iPhone X was the perfect platform to introduce Animoji Download to iPhone users.

It is important to be aware that animoji is yet available in iPhone X and soon will be available for all upcoming iPhones. The iPhone X provides the perfect and the essential requirements and platforms for animoji. Those are the extraordinary face detection camera and its depth-sensing technology, new iOS 11 and the all-new A11 bionic chip. These new technologies made the 3D animation of emojis a reality.

How to use Animoji Download

You will find the best Animoji download feature right in iMessages. You can use these cool animations in many expressive ways. When you just select your favorite animoji face it instantly starts tracking your face. Then the animation part is all up to you. One way Apple users can use 3D animated emojis is as customized stickers. They can make any of the facial expressions and use it as a sticker attached to any of the text messages. This is using animojis as customized emojis. The best way you can use new animoji is to record messages. All you have to do is to animate the animoji while recording your message. Then you can see a preview of the recorded animoji and you can send it to anybody.

animoji download

How iPhone X Animoji Works

This new animoji technology has made it possible to send live messages with both voice and expression. Earlier we had either voice messages or text messages. But now it is a totally different and an improved platform. Even only with animoji recordings users can communicate in an interesting and expressive manner. For all these fun communications, Apple developers have introduced 12 animated emojis with different personalities and expressions. Therefore users can select the best Animoji Download for any situation or mood. Even not like emojis, animojis can be seen manipulated in full screen.

Why Animoji Download?

Animoji is really an alive technology. It makes the user feel alive and even make conversations more real. This liveness has become the key driving force. All mobile users use text messages and it has become a lifestyle. It is so boring just to communicate with text messages. Even the sender or the receiver cannot express the exact idea or the feeling they need to communicate only with text. People had to write a lot to communicate the exact message as well. On top of all these, there was no any liveliness in text messaging. Because people couldn’t express the inner feelings.

As a remedy developers introduced emojis. That was a cool invention by that time. People were amazed to use those emojis in their message conversations. Because emojis added a lot of passion for text communication. Simply it made messaging interesting. Emojis are available for any mobile platform including android and iOS. Even these emojis are used almost all the social media apps and websites to share ideas.

Animoji brings Expressiveness

Animoji Download takes you to a whole new level of communication. It gives life to your expressions and messages. We had only a limited set of emojis which we couldn’t even customize. We shared not the exact emoji for our expression but a related emoji. It is true that emojis made an interesting change in message communication. But when it comes to animoji, it made a revolution. According to the designers, this 3D animated emojis were created to overcome the limitations of general emojis and to bring out your true personality in iMessage conversations.

There is no limitation in using cool animojis. Users can customize any of the animojis as they wish. This is the freedom they have provided to the iPhone X animoji users. iPhone users can easily animate this animojis. Not like emojis you can customize the facial expressions of these 3D animations to your exact feeling.

For an example, if you are in a sad or sorrowful conversation you can animate animojis to show your sadness. If the conversation is interesting or it is a good news you can animate and share animojis with happy and exciting expressions. Or else you can create your own customized emoji faces and share them. This apple animojis helps you to bring your true self out in communication. That is more like a real face to face conversation. Animojis represent you and it shows your personality. What else will you expect from animated messages?

Technology behind Animoji Download

The all-new iPhone X is a true masterpiece of technology. It has new and innovative technologies that create the foundation for many other experiences and creative inventions. One such creative invention is the new Animoji Download feature. It is the iPhone X’s extraordinary camera, the face detection technology and iOS 11 operating system which provides the platform to develop animojis.

Immediately after you select an animated emoji the true depth camera and the depth-sensing technology tracks your face and animate the emoji accordingly. According to the developers animojis track more than 50 facial muscle movements in your face to bring out the exact expressiveness.

iPhone X face detection technology

Face detection technology of the all-new iPhone X comes along with the true depth front camera. Mainly this technology was invented for two main requirements. They were to unlock an iPhone with the face ID of its user and to access Apple pay easily. But Animoji Download was an interesting experience developed on the face detection technology.

Now iPhone X users can unlock their phone with a glance. That means the iPhone user’s face is the key to unlock the iPhone. The true depth-sensing technology will instantly analyze the user’s face using 30000 invisible IR dots. Then the iPhone creates a unique geometry of the user's face. Most importantly, this technology can identify the user’s face even with physical changes and even in the dark.

For an example, if the user is wearing shades or have a different hairstyle, this true depth camera system will recognize the user. All those data are analyzed by an A11 bionic chip. This chip is the first generation of its kind and the most powerful and the smartest chip ever built in a mobile phone. All the analytical process happens inside the iPhone in order to protect the privacy of the user. And all the facial information is stored in a secure enclave for more protection.

Animoji Download for iOS 11

animoji ios 11

Animoji download feature was first introduced in iOS 11 along with the outstanding hardware of the new iPhone X. All the upcoming versions of iOS will provide the platform for Apple animojis. But the most important thing is the true depth camera of iPhone X. This camera is the reason why animated emojis were introduced first in iPhone X. On the other hand iOS 11 is the processing medium for face detection technology and to animate the animojis. Therefore it is a combined process of all these accessories to bring emojis to life.

Other than animoji, iOS 11 provides a lot of new features which are very useful. As the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, iOS 11 concerns much on providing a highly user-friendly interface and to protect the privacy of its users. iOS 11 has brought iPhone to life thanks to the multitasking features, and capabilities.