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Animated Emoji

Animated Emoji or you can call it Animoji, is an amazing feature which is included in the best revolutionary iDevice. This amazing Animoji is included in iPhone X. And it was introduced by Apple Inc. As we all know this amazing iPhone X was released in 2017 and this Animoji was also released with it. The specialty is all this is unlike the usual Emoji, these are 3D Animated Emojis. And not only that, it can be customized according to your facial expressions. If you are really interested continue reading this article and get to know more about Animated Emoji.

animated emoji

Why is Animated Emoji special?

The speciality of Animated Emoji is you can express your feelings in a totally different way. The Emojis are 2D, plain and dull. But when you start using this Animoji you can send your real-time emotions, feelings and so much more. This Animoji technology is so advanced that your face movements will be captured with the camera. And as soon as the recording is over it will be traced to a cartoon character and you will have your Animoji. Right in front of you.

What are the features included in Animated Emoji?

Now you might wonder what is actually included in Animated Emoji. This Animoji App consists of 16 different types of cartoon characters. You can choose from alien, poop face, robot, fox, doggy, cat, panda, piggy, unicorn, rabbit, lion, skull etc. These characters are already included in your Emoji list. So it is really familiar to you. And also the Animoji feature is included in your keyboard so that you do not have to install any apps or open any other apps when you are messaging. It is that simple. This feature is really user-friendly.

Let’s Express

When you are messaging it is really difficult to express our true self. So you can use this Animated Emoji to express anything you feel. Happy, sad, excitement, fearsome, surprise, bored and all the other moods too. And it is really exciting to watch your moods, feelings, and emotions being captured. And traced into a cartoon character you love. You can avoid the old style testing way and share this newest Animoji technology with all your friends. Using any messaging application. You can save, preview, send and can do so much more things too.