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Animoji App is an interesting feature you can experience with the newest release by Apple Company, which is the iPhone X. We all use the Emojis and gifs to share our emotions feelings and moods with the other person using chats. But it is really difficult to understand how others really feel using Emojis. And also to tell others what do we feel inside. But now using this Animoji it can be done easily. Your moods feelings can be shared with others lively. Your emotions will be traced and a cartoon character will express it for you. This new method has tuned the mobile technology into a new direction. If you feel you should know more about Animoji App keep reading. We are here to provide more information to you.

animoji app

The speciality of the Animoji App you need to know

Animoji App is really exciting and interesting when you start using it. Because mainly the Emojis we use are dull and 2D. Our emotions and feelings cannot be interpreted using these too. But with the help of Animoji, describing our feelings are super easy. Because you can pose your face and your facial mood will be captured. All the movements, smiles, tears excitements can be traced. And the best part is, your favourite cartoon character will express it for you. Which will lift your mood up and gives you more joy? It is fun to watch too.

And also the technology which has used in the Animoji App is amazing. It is the facial recognition and image processing technology. You may know this as the depth-sensing technology of iPhone X front camera. And when you choose any Animoji, the movements are traced by the true depth front camera and accordingly the Animoji is animated. Not only that, to an animated Animoji you can insert voice, music, and karaoke too.

Amazing features of Animoji App

What do you need to use Animoji App?

The requirements for the Animoji App is just 2 simple things

  1. iPhone X with Animoji App
  2. iOS version 11 or above

Using Animoji App

If you have the needs to use Animoji App now it’s time. Open the chat application and start typing. Below the keyboard, you will see a monkey Emoji. That is the shortcut to Animoji. Click it and you will see a popup with Cartoon characters. Choose one of them and your camera will be opened. Record your feelings and whatever you need to express and click next. Then you will see the preview of it. If you love it share it with just one tap. So hurry up and try Animoji App now!!