What do you mean by Animated Emoji

Animated Emoji is the next level of Emoji. If you are familiar with Apple devices you must have experienced the set of Emoji coming with the device. Those Emojis are used to express your feelings, emotions when you are chatting with your friends through messages. But those Emojis are just small icons and nothing more. To give you the experience of something better than the Emoji, Apple decided to add a new feature called Animoji. It is also called as Animated Emoji and they released the latest iPhone X with this Animated Emojis. And now, anyone with an iPhone X has the ability to experience this stunning feature. Animated Emoji is an awesome creation of Apple Inc which is made of 3D animations and Emojis. Simply, it is “3D animation + Emoji = Animoji”. Just imagine a moving and speaking Emoji on your device. Ah, that is what an Animoji looks like. An Animated Emoji can be a singing cat, talking fox, laughing unicorn, speaking chicken, or anything like that.

Animated Emoji

The Technology used in Animoji

Apple Inc has used the latest technology for creating this Best Animoji feature. The  True Depth camera and the Depth Sensing technology are the main technologies behind Animated Emoji. These technologies were originally designed for the facial recognition to be used on the Face ID functionality. And using the very same method, an Animated Emoji can be created. The True Depth camera scans the facial expressions of the user and gives an output of a processed Animoji.

Animated Emoji Characters

There are 12 Animoji characters given for you to create Animated Emojis at the beginning. It seems like it is a small number of characters but, you can create different types of Animojis as much as you want by using these 12 Animoji characters. For the record, here is the list of characters you are given.

  • Alien
  • Cat
  • Chicken
  • Dog
  • Fox
  • Monkey
  • Panda
  • Pig
  • Pile of Poo
  • Rabbit
  • Robot
  • Unicorn

If you are worried about having just 12 Animoji characters, here is the good news for you. The next upcoming iOS version is iOS 11.3 and Apple Inc has already released its beta versions with four more Animated Emoji characters. And those are:

  • Lion
  • Bear
  • Skull
  • Dragon

Other Than these Animojis 4 more Animojis were introduced with the new iOS 12 Update. Altogether there are 20 characters in the Animoji App.

  • Tiger
  • Koala
  • T.rex
  • Ghost

How to create an Animated Emoji?

  1. First, open the Messages app on your iOS 11 iPhone X
  2. Then tap on the app store icon and next, the text field in a conversation thread
  3. There will be the Animoji icon on the selection of app store apps, tap on it to continue creating Animoji
  4. Tap the record button and start recording the Animoji
  5. Once you have created one, tap on the blue arrow button to send the Animoji.

Supported devices for Animated Emoji

Animoji is an amazing feature which was introduced with the latest iPhone X. And yet, Apple has not released any later iDevices or has not added compatibility of Animated Emoji to any other previously released iDevices. Therefore, Animoji is only compatible with iPhone X for now. But Apple will definitely add its compatibility to the upcoming iDevices. Having an iPhone X is not enough to get Apple Animoji on the device. Also, your device must run on iOS 11 and the device must have the iMessages app in it. If you successfully gathered these three requirements, you can use this amazing feature on your chats.

Animated Emoji External Sharing

Animated Emoji is not only available in sending messages through messages. But you can also use the created Animojis to share on the social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, What’s App, etc. Before doing that, you need to save the sent or received Animoji to your video store in the device. Just long tap on the Animoji and tap on the save button. Then the Animoji will be saved to your device storage. Then you are allowed to share those in the social media.

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