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Every Apple device user is waiting to see the latest features to come out from the Apple Company as they already know that if some incredible invention is there for smart devices, it’s exactly from Apple Inc. This time Apple came out with the legendary iPhone X with its unique and stunning feature, The Best Animoji. Every Apple iPhone X user is enjoying this wonderful Best Animoji currently and people who are interested in buying a new iPhone X would love to know about this new feature. So here are all you need to know about the Best Animoji.Best Animoji

You definitely need an iPhone X running on iOS 11 or above and the iMessage app on it to use this cool feature. And when you do have all these requirements, you can use this Best Animoji on your iPhone. Let me start from the very beginning. If you’re an ordinary smartphone owner or iPhone owner you get a large list of emojis to beautify your SMS conversations. Plus, you can send voice messages if you want. But, both of them are not that successful to express your feelings to your receiver friends. So Apple Inc. decided to combine these two features and even modify it by adding 3D animations to it. And that’s how the Best Animoji was designed, which means it is a combination of both emojis and voice messages with a bonus of 3D animations. Is it even possible?? We’ll see what exactly this Best Animoji is.

What is this Best Animoji?

In terms of the developers, the Best Animoji is an Animated Emoji. Animojis are created using your facial expressions. The iPhone X camera is an expert to scan your facial expressions and recognize the muscle movements, and that’s how this iOS 11 Animojis are created. All you have to do is, place your face right into the camera frame and start doing any facial expression, the iPhone X camera scans your expressions and creates exactly a dummy of you with a given iPhone X Animoji character. In short, the Best Animoji is the next generation of the emoji. ?

Best Animoji is giving life to emojis. With this stunning feature, animated emojis can move, talk, laugh or do whatever you show with your face. Animoji doesn’t come as a created set of Animojis just like you get a default set of emojis on your phone. You’re given a dozen cool Animojis that are compatible to create any expressive animation and you have to record them before sharing with others. The 12 Animojis of the new iPhone X are Alien, Cat, Fox, Monkey, Chicken, Dog, Rabbit, Robot, Panda, Pig, Poop, Unicorn and you can use one for each Animoji you create. But now you have 20 characters in the Animoji App and you have the new Memoji feature. You can create human Animojis using Memoji. Memoji Download is also available.

How to use Best Animoji?

Using this Best Animoji is simple as a piece of cake. You just have to open the iMessage app and then a message conversation just like you do all the time. You’ll meet the New Animoji characters after you click the app store icon and you just have to pick a character and start recording. When you’re recording, keep in mind that you can record up to 30 seconds and if you want a shorter clip, you can stop at 5 seconds or anytime between 0-30 seconds. And once you’ve done creating an Animoji you can share the created Best Animoji with your friends by just a little tap on the send button. Other than sharing these Animojis through Messages, you can share these on social media. But first, you have to save your created Animoji clip to your gallery and then you can share the Best Animojis on Facebook, WhatsApp or whatever your favorite social media.

Future of the Best Animoji

New Animoji

Nowadays, the most curious topic around the Apple world is this Best Animoji and people are more interested in knowing the future of this amazing feature. Well, lucky for you, the upcoming iOS 11.3 has an update for Apple Animoji and you will get four more Animoji characters. They are lion, bear, dragon, and skull. Which means now you can create and send more and more Animojis. Most of the iDevice users are wondering whether they’ll get a chance to experience this latest Animoji feature or not, as it is only compatible with iPhone X for now. However, Apple is planning to enlarge the compatibility of this Animoji feature to other iDevices as well in the future. So, other iDevice users, stay tuned until you get the chance.

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