Have you heard of this amazing iOS 11 Animoji?

iOS 11 Animoji or mostly known as Animated Emoji is a huge trend in the mobile world now. The mesmerizing technology used in this is really amazing. And most importantly this feature is available with the revolutionary phone of the decade, the iPhone X. This was released in 2017 and Animoji was also released parallel with it. And also there is another specialty. Which is this Animoji is not like the usual Emojis that we use. It is totally customizable and reacts with your facial expressions. You need to use this amazing Animoji App to experience the features alive. If you are interested, we will guide you through the article. Continue reading and get to know about iOS 11 Animoji more.

iOS 11 Animoji
iOS 11 Animoji

What makes iOS 11 Animoji special?

iOS 11 Animoji is special because unlike small images and emoticons you can actually share your feelings and emotions with others. Emojis are dull and 2D. No effects too. But with this Free Animoji, a real-time experience can be shared in an interesting way. Your facial movements will be captured and expressed in your favorite cartoon character in a cute and awesome manner.  The technology is highly advanced because the face movements needed to capture and also need to trace them and attached to a cartoon character. Then the music is added. And can do karaoke too. It is exciting. Isn’t it?

iOS 11 Animoji features

iOS 11 Animoji are filled with so many exciting features. And let us explain you more.

You can choose 12 different characters of iOS 11 Animoji from the list. Alien, poop face, robot, fox, doggy, cat, panda, piggy, unicorn or rabbit etc. These are familiar to you because they are included in the emoji list as well.

You do not need to install any application. This is embedded in your keyboard. You can use this with any messaging application too.

The application is really user-friendly. And if you upgrade it to the latest iOS 11.3 version you will get an additional 4 characters too.

The Latest iOS Animoji release was with the iOS 12. With that, you can get 4 new Animojis.

Not only the feelings you can include music voice and much more.

What can you do using iOS 11 Animoji?

Expressing yourself using Emojis and words are really hard. But using this iOS 11 Animoji you can easily record the mood in your face. Happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, surprise, bored, cool, moody and all the other moods can be expressed. After the recording, it is really exciting to see your face being traced and the cartoon you chose is animated accordingly. You can preview, send, record, insert sounds and so much more you can do using this amazing Animoji application.

Requirements to use iOS 11 Animoji

For you to use iOS 11 Animoji you need some essentials.

  1. iPhone X device
  2. iOS version 11 or above

Let us use iOS 11 Animoji

Open any messaging application and start typing the message

When the keyboard appears click the monkey emoji

A popup will appear and chose the cartoon character you love.

The camera will appear and record your own moods, expressions or any feeling with your movements,

After recording the video will be previewed from the favorite character you chose.

If you like it you can continue. Or can record it again.

You can record any sound, voice, the song with the recording.

You can also do a karaoke Animoji Gif too.

After sending you can save it for later use.

So hurry up and use Latest Animoji now. Avoid the old text messaging style and share your expressions feelings in a real-time mode. You only need an iPhone X and iOS 11 version. iOS 11 Animoji is never too late to try! And this is the best time!

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