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Animoji lovers here is a big news for you. The latest update of the iPhone Animoji technology has been released. It is the Memoji Download which is the next level of Animoji technology. Memoji has more features than Animoji. You can further expand your message customizing capacity with this amazing technology. Using Memoji Download you can design any human Animoji. Most importantly you can design your own face. This is why it is called “Me Moji” which means your own emoji. And also you can design Memojis of your family, friends and your favorite celebrity. As a proud iPhone owner, you can share your thought through Memoji Download and impress your loved ones. Because this is totally a new invention and this is a unique feature of the new iPhone and iOS 12. The Apple Company introduced one more new thing with this amazing one. You have 4 new Animoji faces and you can find them in the Animoji list of the Animoji App. However, you have a limited choice when you are using Free Animoji faces to share your messages. But you can create any number of faces with Memoji Download.

Memoji Download

The technology behind the Memoji Download

The latest iPhones has new features namely the depth-sensing technology and the face detection camera to help create Memoji. This camera can track your facial movements and animate any Animoji or Memoji according to the facial movements.  And the best thing is, you can add any number of created Memojis to the Animoji list and use them again and again. Memoji Download is a solution for your busy lifestyle. Because you can express a long message using just one Memoji Download Character. You don’t have to type long text messages. You can express all your feelings and the message through a cool 3D animation and it saves time. Messaging Memoji is very interesting and funny. It is not just a communication method. You can enjoy it, feel it, and It is totally a new experience for you. This awesome Memoji Download enhances your iPhone’s value. Because it is a unique feature.

How to use Memoji Download

Memoji Download process is going to be very interesting. You can create the message by yourself and you can customize it in any way you like. As I mentioned, this is a part of the Apple Animoji technology. So Memoji Download feature can be found in Animoji App. Find the iMessage app of your iPhone and click the Monkey Animoji bottom at the bottom of the application. Then you can see the Animoji list and find the plus button at the beginning of the list. After that, you can click the + button and you will get to the Memoji creator. Now you can create any Memoji as you wish. You can customize the skin, hair, eyes, eyebrows, ears, lips and facial hair of your Memoji. Most importantly you can change the color of each and every feature and can add eyewear, earrings, and headwear to the Memoji. Then you can share it on your mobile chats and have fun.

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Memoji Download
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