Talking Emoji? Really? Let’s find out.

Talking Emoji is something you can be surprised at. Yes, it is surprising and exciting news to hear. As we all use the usual Emoji we do not know about this. Talking Emoji or you can name this as the Animoji. Animoji is a newly introduced feature just for the iPhone X users. This amazing Animoji is a newly introduced method of sharing your feelings, expressions with sounds and animations with friends. You can use more than 20 cartooned characters to express the mood you have and share just after you created them with any messaging app. Also, you can save to later use, preview and have fun. This is really a new experience for all the users. Now you have Memoji Download which you can use to create Animojis of any person you like. You can create your mirror Memoji using this technology

Talking Emoji Amazing Features

Talking Emoji is amazing! You will be amazed when you start feeling these amazing features offered by the new Apple iPhone X. You can share your live mood with your friends and families from any messaging app. To express your feelings, moods you can choose from 20 characters. Such as pig, dog, robot, alien, unicorn, tiger, T.rex, ghost, bear, poop face, rabbit, fox, panda, cat etc. You can record your mood and preview how the chosen character works. And also you can embed music into the recorder mood. Also, you can record your own voice with it. Just like you have been a cartoon. You can express your inner cartoon character with this Apple Animoji.Talking Emoji

What can you express with these?

Basically, anything you feel can be expressed in these Talking Emoji. Your fears, happiness, and moody looks. Excitements can be expressed easily. And also your complex feelings such as anger, love, sadness, coolness, awesomeness can be expressed with these Talking Emoji.

What do you need to use Talking Emoji?

There is nothing more you need. Just two simple things

  1. iPhone X device. The best iDevice which has been introduced so far.
  2. iOS version 11 or above. Which includes the most amazing and complex features with the simplest form.

The technology behind Talking Emoji

There is a lot going on this amazing Talking Emoji. You can even imagine the complexity. But you will be amazed at the simplicity that they have been able to show us. The face recognition techniques are embedded with the camera and the turning spots are identified and mapped to a cartoon image. So that you can see the cartoon characters face movements to the changes you make. So just imagine when your mouth moved the cartoon mouth should also be moved. When you frown the cartoon should also frown. When you sing the cartoon character should detect the movements within Nanoseconds and trace it and preview it to you. You will feel this is really easy, simple and amazing. But the Apple Inc. developers have done a great job. That is why this iPhone X is this much popular and has become the greatest invention in the history

Let’s Use the Talking Emoji

So if you have an iPhone X with the latest iOS update open any messaging application to use Talking Emoji. Then in the keyboard press the monkey face. After that, a pop-up screen will appear. If you like You can create Memojis and add them to the iPhone X Animoji list Then select the Animoji character from the Animoji list. And press and hold the red button and start recording. You can talk and record your voice too. Embed your favorite song to it. After your recording id over the final outcome will appear on the screen. You can preview it, save it or share with your friends. This Animoji is as simple as that. You can easily share any of your feelings as soon as you need to share with others. So try this amazing Talking Emoji now and experience the difference!

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