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Free Animoji is an embedded application or a feature comes with the latest iPhone X. This feature has been released by Apple Inc. We are regular users of Emojis. These help us to express ourselves in a graphical way. It is fun and exciting too. But this New Animoji is extra fun and exciting. Animoji as known as Animated Emoji which is basically the regular Emoji which moves and have 3D animations. You can share your live emotions using this.

The most importantly you can record your face emotions, feelings and express with an Animoji just like you did. Free Animoji has turned the communication methods into a new pathway. Because this has been developed using the newest technology features. If you are interested please continue reading. We are here to explain you more information about it. You will surely fall in love with this Free Animoji.

What do you need to use this Free Animoji?

  • Mainly to use this amazing Free Animoji feature you need to things
  1. iPhone X with Free Animoji app
  2. iOS version 11 or upper
ios 11 animoji
iPhone X

Why is Free Animoji so special?

Free Animoji application is special because there are no other apps like this in the market. .We used to use Emojis which is 2D and also common. But with this Animoji we can record our real emotions through the iPhone. It is really easy. Your smiles, tears, excitement, anger, and any of your current moods can be traced. There are so many choices to choose your character to trace in to. The newest technologies have been used to trace your face, facial recognition, and image processing too. The true depth front camera and the depth-sensing technology of the new iPhone are the technologies behind this cool animoji. You can insert voice, karaoke, and music too. The whole messaging experience will be new to you. After recording and creating your Animoji you can save it for later use. Or share it with your friend using any messaging application.

What are the extra features comes with this Free Animoji?

There are 16 Free Animoji characters to choose to express your current mood or feeling. They are alien, poop face, lion, robot, fox, doggy, skull, dragon, cat, panda, piggy, unicorn etc. These characters are familiar because they have been retrieved from the current Emoji list you love. You do not require to install this application from anywhere. This is embedded in your iPhone X device. You can simply open the keyboard and Animoji App is there.